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The Network Marketing Fear Factor: How To Eliminate It Instantly

I want to address something very important today…I had to deal with this issue a long time ago and it brought huge success my way. The main issue is “FEAR” you must fight this monster with everything you have. It comes in different forms: Fear of failure, Fear of rejection, Feelings of unworthiness, and the […]


Is Network Marketing Sustainable?

Shall we settle this issue of sustainability once and for all? Recently, I shared with a friend this wonderful and liberating business opportunity, he was visibly excited and even willing to get involved right away. But, his challenge as he puts it was that “MLM is not sustainable”. In his own words; ‘investing $100 and […]

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4 Best Ways To Use Accountability To Increase Productivity In Multilevel Marketing

Accountability or lack of it is a serious issue that has bothered individuals, governments and the society at large. People are judged primarily by their level of accountability; that is their ability or inability to back up their intentions or words with appropriate actions. Accountability Systems Accountability systems ensure individuals are held accountable for their […]

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3 Places 7 Figure Earners Recruit Leaders

I’m glad you found this post because today am going to share with you the top 3 secret offline places  7 figure income earners recruit quality leaders into their multilevel marketing organizations. The reason many people are oblivious of these locations is simply because, broke and average people, do things in certain ways that keeps them […]