Would you like to recruit strong leaders faster and rapidly boost your income? Do I have a “Yes” or a “Nod”?
I am yet to meet a network marketer or direct sales agent regardless of the company or industry they are involved in, compensation plan or products they represent who doesn’t want to recruit more leaders and make more sales.
I must say that I stumbled on the 3 magic words out of frustration, because it was so challenging recruiting the kind of leaders that will bring a rapid boost to my income, which was actually dwindling day by day. I was tired of doing the numbers, calling and booking my prospects to meetings and rescheduling without adequate results to show for it. I networked, shared out my contacts, did radio adverts, and invited my warm markets; lots of one-on-ones and a lot more. Unfortunately, the results were nowhere close to the level of activities I had put in.
My recruiting numbers were consistently low, so was my income, and I didn’t have enough leaders that will bring in the level of constant recruiting and sales activities I wanted. I’m sure you have witnessed this sort of heartbreaking result or at least you know someone that’s going through it right now; perhaps, you too are experiencing it right now?
The 3 magic words are guaranteed to turn around your prospecting results within the shortest time possible. I should thank Sonia Stringer for showing us a better way of getting massive results by simply altering the words we speak to our prospects.
I want you to know that your inability to recruit massively is not as a result of what you’re not doing. Most of you are already doing the right things: Working your Name Lists, Inviting prospects, Presenting and Following Up. Your lack of result is essentially because of the “Words You Speak”. This post is therefore here to help you remove certain vocabularies that are hurting your business and replace them with the 3 magic words which are guaranteed to improve your recruiting and sales results significantly.
We have a great acronym that’ll help us fully articulate the type of end result we seek. It’s called “SEFM” which stands for;


Join me now as we delve deeper into the heart of the matter.


Step 1.  Always speak their language (WITT What’s important to Them)

We mistakenly Use these words:
I love our products because…
I think this biz is great because…
I believe you should buy or join my team because…
Always replace the “I” with “You”
John, you will love these products because they’ll give you a great life…
Esther, If you join this business you will be able to…
Kate, if you’d like to make extra money, lose more weight or fire your boss then…

Step 2. Stress the BENEFITS

Oftentimes, a lot of network marketers or direct sales people think they’ll sell more or recruit more if they churn out more details about their products or compensation plans. Some erroneously think that the more knowledgeable they appear to the prospect about the products or supplement the higher their chances of making a great sale or recruitment; nothing can be farther from the truth.
When we give too much details, facts, “Dazzle them with Details” (we blow them up with unnecessary info) thereby reducing our chances of ever recruiting them or selling our products.
Instead of saying this product contains 16 thousand nutrients, aloe vera, hydrogen, nitrogen, 120 ingredients, 500 mushrooms bla bla bla….
Instead, TALK about “What the product can do for them”; stress the benefits.
Ask yourself, What Benefits—results do people experience by using the products?
Will the Products help them lose weight, regain youthful vitality, look younger, sexier or healthier? It’s always about them, not about you. Don’t spend much time on the compensation plan

 Just Say…

My product can help you lose weight and look younger, sleep better at night
My business can help you spend quality time with your kids
It will help you fire your boss and buy you a new house or a new car

Why Do People Need My Product?
What Problem Does My Product Solve?

My products can help you lose weight, fight cancer, fight HIV virus, fight diabetes, high blood sugar, stroke, high blood pressure…


Why Do People Need My Business Opportunity?
What Problem Does My Business Solve?

Make more money while working,
Buy a new house,
Change schools for your kids (Better schools with shorter commuting distance),
Pay school fees,
Buy a car,
Become a land lord,
Travel more and Have a better life.

Step 3. People Buy Feelings

People want your business or product not just for benefits/end results, but also for how it makes them FEEL…

Talk about the Experience

My product can help you lose weight so you can feel confident and sexy this summer;
It makes you look younger so you feel GORGEOUS for many years to come;
Helps you meet your wife’s needs in bed for many years to come
It helps you make more money so you can feel secure that you have enough money to retire so you don’t have to stress about money;
It helps you make more money so you can feel the joy that comes with spending quality time with your kids

How To Discover The Benefits?
Look for the BENEFITS of these BENEFITS

When people lose weight, they feel sexy and attractive, youthful and more attractive to their spouses.
If you can earn extra money part time will it help you meet your family’s needs faster and in turn help you feel confident as a provider? Will this new confidence level translate to more respect from your wife and kids? Will extra income weekly or monthly help you regain your respect from your wife and kids?
So next time you are in front of a prospect remember to make it about them, stress the Benefits and color it with lots of feelings;

MY PRODUCT OR BUSINESS HELPS YOU benefit……..So You can Feel………




Feel free and share this post with your team. I’d also like to get a feedback from you on how this strategy has worked for you. Comment below if you have other great strategies that has also worked for you.

Sam Ozoani

Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of samozoani.com He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.

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