Accountability or lack of it is a serious issue that has bothered individuals, governments and the society at large. People are judged primarily by their level of accountability; that is their ability or inability to back up their intentions or words with appropriate actions.

Accountability Systems

Accountability systems ensure individuals are held accountable for their actions or inactions. These systems exist all around us.  There has to be a set of rules to constrain the natural human nature which always seeks the route of least resistance and “irresponsibility”.


If you make your bed well, you’d enjoy a sound sleep. If you brush your teeth, you’d have a beautiful smile; have you ever thought of how uncomfortable you’d feel with bad breathe?


If you fail to study your books, you’d get bad grades, repeat a class, you’d be left behind by your peers; the consequences are endless, so huge you not dare to treat your studies with levity. 


There are set of rules that must be obeyed regardless of if you felt like keeping with the rules or not. 


No matter what you believe in, there are set of rules that guide our spiritual beliefs. Do you remember how uncomfortable you feel whenever you fail to keep any of those ordinances?


There are set of rules that guide every organization; when you fail to keep these guidelines you’re definitely courting joblessness. You can’t decide when and how to show up at your place of work. You must be at work on time otherwise you’d have a pay cut and if you keep on showing up late, soon enough you’d be shown the exit door. 
If We Observed some set of rules in all areas of our lives, why do most network marketers fail to set accountability benchmarks in multilevel marketing?
Eric Worre stated that “it would be impossible to create your dream life through multilevel marketing without creating some set of accountability systems”. (Emphasis mine)

4 Tips to Apply Accountability in Network Marketing 

1. Write Down Things:

Be specific about what you want. Set specific goals and put them in black and white. Do not trust your brain to help you remember. Professionals plan while amateurs hope on things to work out by themselves. The simple truth is things never work out by themselves. Make it a habit to write down your goals each day.  Ray Higdon one of the best successes of network marketing advises that you set daily goals the “night before”. Writing your goals helps you prioritize your activities in order of most importance to the least importance.
All write down your goals and break them further into hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. When you’ve succeeded in writing down your goals, your brain will hold you accountable whenever you fall short.

2. Proclaim it to the world 

Tell it to the world. Tell everyone what you’ve resolved to do. “Sam! Why would I do something like that?” simply because it helps create accountability. Your friends and family are going to remind you about those things you said you’d do. ‘Hey you said you’d recruit 20 partners in 30days’? Have you completed your target? These are accountability systems that will keep you on your toes and ensure you deliver on what you proclaimed.

3. Create Rewards:

Always reward yourself when you meet your goals. Set aside different levels of reward systems for yourself. For instance you could treat yourself to your favourite restaurant or vacation spot when you hit a new rank. These small sets of rewards work as ‘aphrodisiacs’ for your brain cells. Subconsciously the human mind tends to do repeatedly those things that make it experience the utmost pleasure.   

4. Create Penalties

Create penalties when you fall short on your goals. I knew a lady in my organization that’d sleep on the bare floor whenever she fails to meet her prospecting numbers. I advise you find a worthy penalty that would act as an accountability system should you fail to meet up with your goals. These penalties should be high enough to discourage you from indulging momentarily on your slacking mode.  
Find an accountability partner, someone with whom you’ll review your journey and evaluate your progress from time to time. “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labour: if either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up” Eccl 4:9-10.
You have to treat your network marketing business like your Job. You must be very religious about each activity otherwise lasting success will be far from you.
Only professionals make money in every profession, multilevel marketing is not different. Apply yourself to learning the requisite skills and you’d be a new success story in this awesome profession. 

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