Would you like to attract and recruit strong MLM leaders into your business?
Success in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is all about duplication, every leader in network marketing understands this fact very well. The most important thing is to find out what is duplicable not just what works! Shortcuts are like fads, they come and go but there are certain classical skills that endures the test of time.
I am going to share with you some of our best tips to attract and recruit high quality professionals to help you build the business of your dreams! Before I do that however, we need to spend a few lines and correct some mistaken, invalid and untrue concepts about MLM just so we are clear.
I love the network marketing model, you start a business, get some customers, sponsor a bunch of excited individual, build a downline, earn a residual income from their collective efforts and from your own personal efforts as well, and as time goes on you have a fat daily, weekly or monthly cheque that comes in incessantly which guarantees your financial or time freedom to enjoy a lavish lifetyle with your family and loved ones.
For most people in network marketing, the dream of a financially secured future is but a pipe-dream. In reality, only a fraction of network marketers (3-5%) earn the rockstar income everyone dreams about, whereas the 95% of the people who start a network marketing business barely get by. If they do manage to create a residual income, it’s usually their own efforts that result in any income at all. The truth is that most people spend more money than they earn in network marketing and often give up before the much needed success happens.
These 95% are usually the ones who come in with an attitude and philosophy of “get-rich-quick”, they hope to create a residual income without exerting any efforts, learning new skills and stepping out of their comfort zones; they think they can create over night financial miracles. They often forget that if they plant a seed it will wither and die if not manured, watered, weeded and cared for. And if they keep watering, weeding, tending and caring for their seeds long enough someday soon they will reap a ‘continuous’ bumper harvest.
When a new distributor joins a new MLM company, they are usually excited and zealous; they can’t wait to share their business with everyone who cares to listen, because nothing will stop them from creating their dream lifestyle. Unfortunately, the cares of life and family gets in the way and more often than not, the new distributor gradually discontinues those little daily activities that would’ve created their success and begins to make excuses, rationalize and blame the system, the company, uplines and eventually stops.


The Kind of MLM Leader You Need In Your Team

So what’s so special about the 3-5% network marketing pros who do earn a considerable residual income of $10,000 to $25,000 monthly or more? These leaders realize that there is no magic wand, no quantum leap, no shortcuts, no special bullet or secret towards success or financial freedom in network marketing. They understand that patience, perseverance and daily consistent action are all essential ingredients that would ultimately lead them to their desired destination.
They have a grounded belief in the tremendous potentials of the opportunity they have and are not willing to throw in the towel or get swayed by the opinions of others who think lightly of their business. They also understand that consistency is key and that successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.
In order to build a residual income of $10,000 to $25,000 monthly or more you will need at least 5-7 leaders in your business just like yourself, who also wants to build a huge organization and income base for themselves just like you.
There is no gainsaying the fact, that to become a leader among the top 3-5% in your business, you have to become a leader. Ask yourself, what are my daily actions that will ensure that I become the kind of leader I desire in others? I’m I doing everything I can to become the best version of me? I’m I taking responsibility for my actions or I’m I playing the blame game?
The faster you become a leader and begin to take responsibility the faster other leaders will start to emerge within your organization.
You can learn a lot from my mentor Ray Higdon on how to attract strong leaders.
I am a firm believer that Leaders are not made leaders emerge. You can’t turn a chicken into an eagle, the harder you try, the more chicken shit you’d have all over you. If you want strong leaders, then become a stronger leader yourself.

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Sam Ozoani

Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of samozoani.com He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.

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