Several people in multi level marketing (MLM) struggle greatly at closing sales and converting excellent prospects into excellent sales. Most people naturally don’t do so well at making sales; this is particularly true for network marketing newbies. I have had my own fair share of horrible closing and sales conversions.
Making great conversions and sales are the two most important skills that separate the rich network marketer from the one who is struggling to pay bills and survive the next 48 hours. It is my hope that you’ll learn from my mistakes and avoid pitfalls that makes most sales people lose their sales even before they completed their first sentence.
We assume that the prospect has seen or reviewed your business and you’ve placed them on a 3-way call or one on one chat with your sponsor or whatever applies in your primary company. The most important thing is that most or all of their questions have been answered and they are now at the verge of making a decision


Connect With The Prospect

You need to learn all you can about your prospect. If you’ve ever heard of the word F.O.R.M (Family, Occupation, Rapport, Message/Money).
You have got to spend some time and ask them questions that will help revel what kind of family they come from; what trade or occupation are they into? All these will help you build solid rapport with them. People like and trust other people who look like them and share their believe system. The mere fact that you are asking these questions, tells them that beyond trying to make a sale, you are genuinely interested in them. Getting to know more about their message or money would help you a great deal later on should an objection arise.


It’s All About Business

You must not take the conversation completely off course, remember your goal is to close the prospect hence, keep it business. I remember a few times I tried to be too friendly to my prospects, I thought if I built a huge rapport and opened up so much I would be seen as a really cool person and I’d make a sale but guess what it backfired!
Your role is to make sales and find out how best your opportunity can be of benefit to them.  You are actually a consultant, and consultants ask relevant questions in order to find out how best to serve their clients.


What is their Vision?

This is the point where you ask them about their “why”. You have to really pay attention because at this point some level of rapport has been established and prospects are likely to trust you with their deep-rooted reasons for considering the mlm profession. Ask them why the business is important to them? You need to find out if they have a present financial pain they are running away from or they are hoping to avoid, and make a mental note of their responses as these would help you tackle any future objections should they arise.


What’s Stopping You From Making This Life Changing Decision

All decisions are mostly emotional in nature; human beings are known to make emotional decisions then justify those decisions logically. Most people desire a healthy lifestyle; we would like to maintain a sexy healthy body, we know a healthy body means longer life yet, we don’t discipline our eating habits, we fail to exercise regularly while indulging in dangerous eating habits.
Look your prospect in the eye and ask them what is stopping them from making the change they know would change their financial future.


What do you Feel Is costing You The Success You Desire?

Network marketing is one of the best industries in the world not only because it has serious potential of transforming your financial state; network marketing helps you discover your original self. It challenges your thinking and pushes you to believe in your abilities to become a better human being.
Ask your prospect his desired monthly income figure and divide whatever figure they gave you by 30. For instance, if he chooses $5,000 monthly, divide it by 30 and you’d get $167 in daily income. Tell him he loses $167 daily. That’s how much he will continue to lose until he takes action and kick start his mlm business.


Whats Your Commitment Level?

Mlm is all about building quality relationships that are anchored on trust and commitment. Your prospect must be willing to make some sacrifices in terms of little commitments towards actualizing his desired goals. The network marketing industry is not a Ponzi scheme peddled by charlatans where you are not required to do any work and expect millions into your bank account. As a rule of thumb, I am not ready to work with anyone who fails to agree to certain level of commitment.
Ask for their commitment level on a scale of 1—10, anything above 2 is fine. If they are above 8, go ahead and ask them for their preferred package. However, if they are above 2 but not up to 8, ask how you might help them come up to between 8—10.
Below is one of my favorite speeches when am closing a prospect, I picked this one up from Matt Morris the close down guru:
“Look Sam, I understand you are new to this kind of business, but; If you commit, I will commit; if you want to make a little money, I will show you how to make a little money; if you want to make a lot of money, I will show you how to make a lot of money; If your desire is to change your financial future, you had better put on your running shoes because I could run faster than you’d ever  think of; I will give up on you long after you’ve given up on yourself. Are you ready to get to work?”

I usually deliver these lines with an outstretched hand and a face beaming with smiles.


Final thoughts

I hope you found this post useful and you can use it to increase your sales and conversions in your mlm business
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