Hello there!, I'm often asked this question by my prospects "Can Network Marketing Make me Rich?" I'm not in the least surprised by this recurring question, because most individuals and prospects approach the network marketing profession solely for financial gains. It's not a bad thing to be driven by a healthy ambition to accumulate wealth. Or is it?
Network marketing is no doubt one of the best professions in the world that has produced several 6 & 7 figure earners. This is partly because of its low entry, dynamics and worldwide appeal. Technology at large and the Internet in particular, have also propelled the network marketing industry to heights never thought of a few decades ago.
But If the network marketing profession was so good, how come most folks are biting the dust? I can bet confidently that a good number of your colleagues and teammates in Network marketing, aren't millionaires yet; In fact, most are losing money.
Did your sponsors lie to you or has your entire company conspired against you? If these and many more questions are going through your mind right now, then congratulations.
The fact that you're reading this post tells me you're a part of that 5 percent that really want to leave no stones un-turned in their quest to finding answers.
Why Are You Not Making Money in Network Marketing ?
The network marketing industry is not an instant money-spinner like most people would have you believe. You need to work your business aggressively and consistently for you to start seeing results.
I know you are here to find answers and I'm happy to reveal these six (6) secrets which up until recently was the exclusive preserve of top earners.
Studies have shown that all 6 & 7 figure  earners went through these six steps and here am willing to let you into the minds of top performers; what you do with this piece of  information is entirely up to you.


1. Do You Have the Right Attitude?

Meeee... Are you kidding me? Yeah ‘You’. Attitude is everything. A large number of home business owners and reps have no idea the level of impact their attitude has on their home businesses. Every top earner in this profession was not an overnight success story. In fact, most had terrible attitudes and low self-esteem. The only difference was, they were teachable and opened up their minds to learning.
Now ask yourself:

What is my vision?

Who do I want to become?

How do I want to be remembered?

Let these three questions guide you as you seek to develop yourself more and more. If you carry a big vision on your mind, it will ultimately drive you to succeed.
Your attitude is the number one reason you're not making money in network marketing. Your attitude wants you to remain in your comfort zone. The comfort zone is the playground for broke people, therefore, resist the urge to remain there.


2.  Are You Committed to Self-development?

According to Jim Rohn "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune".
Every high flyer in network marketing is a professional learner; they’ve made a lifelong commitment to learning and self-development. So the question is when was the last time you read a great book, saw a trading video, registered for a webinar or booked an appointment with a mentor?
Your Success in network marketing is directly proportional to your level of commitment towards self-development. Saturating your mind with resources from proven mentors will chop off many years off your learning curve. Learning keeps you humble and humility is one of the finest virtues that will pay you over and over again.
Network marketing profession has one of the highest attrition among other professions, primarily because it's not taught in our conventional colleges. It requires a different set of skills which is different from what we learned in school. It might interest you to know that the skills required to become a top tier earner in network marketing are not in themselves hard to hone. The real problem is humans naturally hate change, and would do anything possible to resist it. I'm here to tell you that resisting change especially as it pertains  to this profession would keep you in the cold forever.
Your life will take a dramatic turn, once you make a commitment to learn and master the Six (6) core skills - (Prospecting, Inviting, Presenting, Following Up, Closing down, Getting Started and Promoting Events).


3.  Are You Teaching Others?

Teaching is a direct consequence of continuous learning and self-development. I haven't met any top earner who is not a teacher. They are not stingy with information. There's a popular saying that "the man with the marker makes all the money". This blog post is a form of knowledge impartation.
So what does it take to be a teacher? It doesn't take so much. Actually it requires that you invest in yourself, learn then start Multitasking-In-Business-To-Focusing-Robert-Kiyosakiteaching. According to Ray Higdon “teaching is the fastest way to become a leader in network marketing". Do not let a any single day pass by without creating a content. I have resolved to create content daily. It could be a podcast, blog post or a motivational piece. I'll never let any day pass without creating a content. Of course it'll be difficult at the initial stages but eventually it becomes second nature to you as you progress.


4.  Do you have a System that Generates Leads Even While You Sleep?

All top earners have a system for generating leads on a continuous basis.  I know you've exhausted your warm market and by now you are probably tired of pestering your friends and family. The kind of success you desire will never come through your warm market. The warm market is a fantastic place to start prospecting for reps however, do not remain there. If your business is not duplicating, if you are not generating leads on a consistent basis then you are really not in business.
Whether you believe it or not, all top earners in network marketing understands that only about 10% of their leads will ever join their primary company. Therefore, they have built a system of lead generation which enables them earn money from the 90% who are not interested in joining their primary company. Interestingly, I found a simple way to generate leads daily through a proven system. This system will help you produce great results just like the top earners


5.  Do You Have a Daily Action Plan?

Amateurs in network marketing generally do not implement a daily action plan, whereas professionals hold themselves accountable to a certain level of daily activities. I am not here to school you on what you should include in your D.A.P. The best way to create a suitable daily action plan is by reviewing your overall vision in your home business. Let your vision drive your daily plan of action. This is because the size of your vision would be directly proportional to the intensity of your DAP.
Little wonder, top earners are usually those with giant visions.


6.  Are You Consistent With Your Daily or Weekly Action Plan?

Consistent action in prospecting, Inviting, Presenting, Following Up, Closing down, Getting new reps started and Promoting events is the true differentiating factor between professionals and amateurs in network marketing profession.
Your good fortune will probably not happen in 2 weeks or 6months of consistent action. Top earners have a long time perspective. They understand a solid business takes time and they are committed to doing whatever it takes to building a solid home  business.



Can the Network  Marketing Profession make you Rich? I'm sure you are closer to finding the answers you seek.
Network marketing is not meant for everyone, yet it remains one of the most realistic ways to create generational wealth. Everyone won't make money in the direct sales profession, But, Anyone can make money. If you desire to earn a rock star income in this profession, make up your mind right now to think and act like the top earners. Look for proven mentors and delve into their minds by going through their literature.
Finally, never ever quit no matter whatever happens. Only losers quit and you're not one.
"Win a Soul Today...Reach for the Stars!"

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Sam Ozoani

Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of samozoani.com He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.

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