How would you like to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your conversion rate in a few days by simply applying a few follow up skills?
Ask any professional in MLM and they will tell you that your fortune is in the follow up.
You may invite a million people to see the presentation but if you sponsor no one, you’ll make zero money.
It’s imperative to note that, your Sponsor/Upline won’t follow up for you, your friend in the business won’t; neither will your Upline leader. Do you know why? It’s because when the money starts rolling in, it will roll into your bank account not theirs.
Pay Attention To One Of The Most Powerful Skills You Need In This Business.
Copy This Script And Save It In A Secure Place.
Learn It Understand It & Use It.

Learn how to Recruit more prospects using Facebook

1. Posture

You must possess ZERO emotional attachment to your prospects.
You are the MD/CEO of a multi-million dollar Global enterprise, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve made the money or not. Your mental attitude is key, you’re not begging anyone to join your organization.
You must possess a level of confidence that you are going to be successful with or without anyone person that says NO to your dreams.
Remember, Your Vision In Life, Must be Bigger than Any Person’s Rejection in this Business.

2. The Script

Here is the FIRST question to ask them after they might have seen the business presentation:
– So Sam, what part interested you the most?
After Sam has finished commenting on the part that interested him the most, answer all his questions and follow  it through with the script below:
Sam you gathered a lot of information on how working under the umbrella of Our Team, we can put together a business system for you that can pay you between $2,000 to $4,000 monthly over the next 12 months.
Based on all the information you gathered, what is the way forward towards getting you started???
Sam will tell you when he wants to start or give you an objection. Put his startup date down and reply:
– I hear you Sam, but permit me to confirm this, Sam; do you really want to do this? Because if you don’t want to engage, I am totally cool with it ok? (Smile while saying this).


So do you really want to do this? (don’t say a word until he/ she answers)
If they say yes I do;
Then go a second time, are you sure, are you serious you want to do this? (SHUT YOUR MOUTH WITH A SMILE. You are using reverse psychology on Sam. You are getting him to reassure you he needs the business instead of you telling him he needs the business)
If he says yes, then simply become a consultant.
Ok Sam since you are really interested, permit me to give you a piece of coaching that can help you: Out of our collective experience, we have seen people who are fired up to start building their business with us, but once they leave, they SETTLE.
They settle into their old lifestyle and they relax and slow down. HOWEVER 1 year later, they realize they haven’t started making $2,000 extra monthly. It’s called FINANCIAL STRUGGLE.
So here is the deal, in order NOT to have financial struggle await you by this time next year, please DON’T SETTLE. Let’s get you started on Monday like you said (the date Sam gave you please right things down you are a consultant) You will be shown how to get your money back in 6 weeks.
Is that a good deal?
Sam says yes.


Pay Close Attention

What time is ok for me to call you on Monday? He says 9am ( write it down)
Ok I promise, I will call then.
Call Sam back on Monday 9am.
Hello Sam, hope you are having a great morning ( sound enthusiastic and in high spirit)
Sam says yes.
So I called you as I promised. I believe you’ve given the business some thought right? He says yes.
Ok do you have any questions?
He says no (if he has any questions or objections, trash it)
Ok great. Sam can I ask you a quick question? Sam says yes.
Now from all the information you have gathered, on how to work under the umbrella of  our team, to start building a business system that can pay you $1,000 to $4,000 monthly over the next 12 months.
What is the way forward towards getting you started? Or do you prefer to SETTLE to your normal life?
He will start immediately or give you another startup date. REPEAT STEPS AGAIN UNTIL HE STARTS or Dies!!! Just kidding
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Fortunate · May 24, 2017 at 8:42 AM

Nice piece.
Thanks for this, it was really helpful

henry · May 24, 2017 at 11:27 AM

How do this work

henry · May 24, 2017 at 11:28 AM

What is this all about

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