Facebook has established itself as a major source of finding quality prospects. As part of my mlm prospecting routine I usually turn to facebook for free leads.
Facebook has over 1 billion people that all give away their occupation, hobbies, friends and daily activities on their profiles! I am amazed by the fact that most network marketers don’t realize what a huge opportunity facebook offers to the growth of their network marketing business. One can actually rely completely on facebook as a major source of building a huge business long term.
I am often asked by fellow networkers, colleagues and team members how I have been able to sponsor a lot of people from facebook for absolutely free, and my answer has always been, connect with people that you think you’d like to work with and simply find out more about them.
You have to remember that when you’re mlm prospecting your biggest job is to be a consultant, what Jessica Higdon calls a ‘friendly networker’.  Be on purpose and focus more on building rapport; don’t worry about the “recruiting” part, but ensure you aren’t wasting your time with negative people either. In fact, steer clear of negative people completely.
According to Jessica Higdon the queen of facebook prospecting, I learned that people are most likely to have ten times better results on facebook if they use these easy tips:

MLM Prospecting Tricks for Facebook:

1. What is In a Name?

Nothing sounds so sweet to a person’s ears than the sound of their NAME. This Sounds simple, but most people don’t do this in the initial contact. You can make a prospect like you almost instantly by making him feel like a normal human being. During our day to day interactions with people we get to learn their names and their likes and dislikes.  we love it when they call us by our names, we feel appreciated and respected by these simple “things”.  We simply have a sense of likeness for people who make efforts to learn the pronunciation of our name, Social Media interactions are not so different from our offline interactions with people.
There are a lot of spammers out there contacting people and just copying and pasting the same message, completely disregarding the “build rapport” stage and going straight for the jugular by sending them a link to their business.
These days, it’s a bit difficult to differentiate real messages from spam messages as a result; people already have their guards up when you reach out to them. But by simply including their name in the subject line (example: hey (name)…) and saying it in the message as well, the prospect now knows that you sent them a PERSONAL message rather than a spam message.

2. Begin Your MLM Prospecting from your Current City

There is an invisible bond that binds us all, this bond is made stronger when we learn someone has similar characteristic like ours: we tend to feel closer to a stranger in a foreign country if that stranger has our skin colour. This bond is made even stronger if we share same language, food and  out look towards life.
When you prospect someone locally, they almost immediately feel as if they have a connection to  you and vice versa. Everything happens almost automatically; You have similar things you can talk about and if the conversation moves in the right direction you have the opportunity to meet. The other great thing about talking to people locally is that if they decide to get involved in your business you can build locally and have a better chance of keeping them involved. It’s much difficult working with people living outside of your city or country. If you concentrate on building locally first, you will have the chance to do meetings for them and the people they got involved too.
Local signups helps your MLM business gain traction and it also provides the much needed cash for running your business at the early stages.  it is sometimes easier to communicate and get your new sign ups going properly.

3. Exchange Several Messages back and forth with Prospects before bring up your business

I usually begin with the following lines:

“Hi Sam,

 I stumbled on your facebook/instagram/Whatsapp Page and I was really fascinated by your Profile. I’m looking out for smart, Positive and Open minded people, you seem like one that’s why am reaching out. You look like an accomplished entrepreneur. I have sent you a friend request and I look forward to connecting with you.”
You don’t have to copy this verbatim; you can tweak yours a little.  I am of the opinion that there should be healthy communications between the two parties at least 4 messages back and forth by each party before asking if they are open to your business, you’ll score infinitely higher than all the other facebook spammers.
“A rule that follows within rule #3, is that even with sending your third message while mlm prospecting, don’t ever send your link without the prospect’s permission otherwise, you’d appear needy and most prospects will shut you down.”
 I discovered that sending a link too early is one of the biggest mistakes people make. It’s important to keep in mind to always ask someone if they’d like you to send over some information after they say they’re open. The answer when I ask this question is almost always yes. And even when they say yes I stretch it a little bit by applying the “If I would You” lines.
Assuming Sam just said he’s open to checking out my link, I’d immediately ask Him:
“Sam If I Sent you this link right away, how soon would you check it out?”
If he says “This Evening”
Then I would respond
“If I called you this evening would you have checked out the link?”
If he answers yes to all of the above then we are good to go!

Facebook Prospecting No-No’s

  1. Do not send an unsolicited link, only amateurs do that.
  2. Do not post sales links or your company links on other people’s walls, it’s annoying and unprofessional.
  3. Do not use hype in your facebook status updates.
  4. Do not get frustrated when you are facebook prospecting yourself and someone pitches you their business.
If this happens politely, tell the person that “I am currently unrecruitable at this time but I’d be glad to help you out with trainings and coaching if you ever need my help”
Build friendship across board because most recruiters on facebook are actually struggling and you may never know where your rapport could lead to.
  1. Do not mass messages annoying spam sales messages to everyone, you will appear needy and desperate and facebook might even close your account.

Is Facebook prospecting the only or best way?

There are certainly other ways to locate potential teammates than Facebook prospecting. There are some things to be aware of with Facebook prospecting They are:
1) People on Facebook are highly skeptical as they have been pitched a dozen things and
2) They probably have something to pitch themselves.
However, Facebook does represent a huge army of potential people to talk to about your business…if you do it the right way. Facebook prospecting is a game of patience; you really have to persevere in order to see tangible result. I would suggest that on an average it will take you about 30 days to start getting real recruits into your business. If you put effort into this for 6 months you will begin to see quicker and better results.
Most people try something for only 14 days before they quit, I can guarantee you that you will not see much results in 14 days so have some realistic expectations. In my opinion, give yourself a solid 100 days challenge and you will see astounding results

Final Thoughts

The MLM profession works with numbers; success MLM is indeed a numbers game, if you keep going through the numbers and don’t quit eventually you’ll find the few good people that you need to make it happen for you. What you lack in skill, you could make up for in numbers and chances are you’ll build a huge business. MlM profession is a 2 to 4 year career, if you persevere and refuse to quit, you will eventually get to the top and trust me the view is magnificent!
If you learned anything from this post or my previous posts and  trainings on MLM prospecting, I’d love to hear your success stories below!
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Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of samozoani.com He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.

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