Would you like to find the best prospects for your MLM business and never ever run out of people to talk to or show your business?

Nearly all new distributors in MLM find it difficult to prospect out of their comfort zone once they’ve exhausted their warm markets. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve spoken to everyone you know and almost all of them said no to your business and you’re wondering where else to find people?

I remember finding myself in this same situation a few years back; I had spoken to everyone I knew, in fact, my friends were already running away from me and I was losing friends daily. I looked at my contact list and I asked myself “does this thing really work, or have I been fed a basketful of lies?” Little did I know that it was impossible to recruit everyone into my business. I know most of you have been told by your uplines and leaders that “everyone is your prospect and you can sell to or recruit anyone so long as they wear cloths and walk on two legs” lols. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Sincerely, I use to think that I could recruit or sell my products to anyone I see on the streets. I even applied the 3 foot rule (anyone within a 3 foot radius is already a prospect I must either sell something to or recruit into my business). I did all these but my organization still remained where it was, I wasn’t making money and I wasn’t retaining those I recruited; most of them died off as soon as they signed up. I was really miserable. This was my state until I discovered a video training by Sonia Stringer “3 Steps to Generate Unlimited Leads…”  This video totally changed my business and by extension my life.

I realized for the first time that not all prospects are meant for me and it’s not even my job to recruit everyone I see. I also learned how and where to identify my ideal prospects. I have decided to put down some of the things I learned with the hope that you’ll read through, apply and also turn around your business for good.

Who’s Perfect for Your Business or Product?

Like I said earlier not all prospects are ideal for you. Imagine fishing with a child, he wants to catch all the fish, all of them, where do you even begin?

You need to get really clear on who’s perfect for your business.

Who Is Really Fit for Your Business?

From experience we’ve discovered that people with certain traits are usually best fit for Multi Level Marketing. You should be looking for the following pointers:

Strong WHY = Problem to Solve
Has Money and willing to Invest
Can you access these People in Large groups?

Look at the leaders in your existing group. What is their background, what are they into? Those are clues you should explore.
Who are the prospects with the BIGGEST WHY? For instance, Cooperate Executives who are laid off or getting closer to retirement but are still broke.

People with a Little bit of Money to invest

Start looking for a large group of these kinds of people with Big WHY (Ideal Prospects) Look for them in large quantities 100s, (Doctors, People very close to retirement)
Sonia suggested a list of Ideal Prospects to include but not limited to the following group of people:

Example of IDEAL Prospects: 

Working MOMs,
Stay at HOME MOMs,
Corporate Executives of all Kinds
Baby Boomers People in their 60yrs and above (Close to Retirement)
Health & Wellness Officers
Working Professionals
Real Estate

This doesn’t mean we can’t prospect other people it simply means we can focus to create More MOMENTUM which brings more and Better Results.

Find them in Large Groups

Social Groups…
Sports Events

Go TO www.Meetup.com
Search for
Mom’s groups
Working Women
Baby Boomers

Search for Groups of Interests

Jogging/Tri groups
Golfing (Baby boomers, Retirees)

Search Google

Working women+tradeshow+Abuja
small biz owners+networking+Abuja

Search Facebook

Find Groups or Pages = Ideal Prospects
Join-Connect-add as friend

I have written a great post on how to recruit easily on facebook

Get a Little Creative

Baby Boomers—AARP page
Stay at Home Mom’s – Oprah Winnfery

LinkedIn Search

Teachers-Lawyers-Nurses-Pharm Reps-Working Women


Find people your prospects like following,

Oprah—20 million
Vogue Magazine—2.5million
Skin Care and Make UP


Skin Care/Weight Loss/Fashion

When You Know WHO you’re after (Ideal Prospect) it becomes much easier to find WHERE they are.

Find them in their Hundreds (Thousands) Locally and On-Line.

The MAGIC Words…

Our business helps working Moms make great money with a home based business so they can be there for their kids when they need them most

Our business helps working moms generate Capital to start a new Project, a new business or expand an already existing business without going to the bank to collect loans, drop collateral or pay interests so that they can be there for their kids when they need them most

Our business helps corporate executives that are close to retirement generate Capital to start a home based business or expand an already existing business or start up a new project without going to the bank to collect loans, drop collateral or pay interests, this will enable them retire early without thinking of how to survive after retirement or running out of money in case of health emergency or if the pension is not enough.

Our products help People lose weight and Have more energy so they fell healthy and attractive

We have a great product that slows down the aging process, so women can look great and feel gorgeous for years to come, it also helps slow down the appearance of wrinkles and eyes bags so you can feel younger and more beautiful. It’s also very effective for people with constant discomfort from arthritis.

Final Thoughts

  1. WHO = Ideal Prospects
  2. WHERE = Large Groups
  3. WHAT to SAY = Magic Words!

Faster Growth = More $$$

Use the Magic WORDS and Stress the BENEFITS that are IMPORTANT to Your IDEAL PROSPECTS

Who’s Your Fish?

50 to 60 year Olds/College Students/Fresh Graduates/Anyone with a very big WHY,
People afraid of Retirement,
People not rewarded adequately for their inputs,
People who are looking for extra Money to Pay School Fees and Support Family,
People whose Health are failing due to poor lifestyle or eating habits.

Feel free and add your criteria to the list. Remember to LIKE and SHARE this post with your Team.

Your Comments are welcome

Sam Ozoani

Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of samozoani.com He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.

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