How would you like to Recruit 10 (or more) People EVERY month into your Team?
In this post I will expose my EASY and SIMPLE STRATEGY for producing more and more reps EVERY single month.

What Does It Take to Recruit 10 People (Or More) Every Month

Recruiting reps is much easier when broken down into small steps. I love to show my downlines a breakdown of how to actually hit their personal recruiting goals. Some people would say, “I want to hit this goal, I want to hit this amount monthly, I want to earn this rank. I want to hit that level. I want to hit this revenue. I want to make six figures. I want to do seven figures or whatever,” but they never learn or take out time to actually breakdown in pieces the necessarily steps that’d take them to their desired goals.
Network Marketing is tough, really tough and you must be willing to pay the prize. Most people start out with the hopes of making a truck full of money but more often than not exit the system before they are able to earn any tangible cheque.
Sponsoring new reps has been described as the most important fuel for sustaining your MLM business. Consequently, as far as recruiting is concerned, you have to know how to increase your conversion rate. Here’s what you must do.


Study Your Closing Ratio

You can break down your closing ratio by studying the percentage of closures you make per 10 exposures. Critically analyze the number of people you have to reach out to in order to get one person to watch your presentation or attend an event. Allow the numbers to serve you.
Ray Higdon, a multi-millionaire in the network marketing profession advises that if you approach 10 people and only one person watch your presentation, then that would be a 10% of getting people to watch your presentation. By extension, if you approached 10 persons and only 5 watch your presentations then you have a 50% result of getting people to watch your presentation.


What Is Your Joining Percentage?

I want you to pay very close attention to your joining percentage and tell yourself the honest truth. You need to ask yourself “How many people actually join my business out of every 10 Presentations I make? How many people do I get to watch presentations that actually JOIN?” For every 10 people that watch your presentation, attended a home party or big meetings, how many of them get started?
If you’re new in network marketing, find out how you can attract and recruit strong leaders in your MLM business.


Apply the Principle of Reverse Engineering

Now that you are armed with your closing and joining percentages, you just reverse engineer it. For most people in the MLM profession, we should expect to see a closing or joining percentage of 5 – 20%. However, for a more conservative result let’s leave it at 5%. The industrial joining percentage for network marketing pros is 20 – 25%.
In my opinion, if you are a newbie in MLM, don’t panic especially if you’re currently experiencing lower percentages. You are more likely to experience lower joining percentages particularly if you rarely attend many events, you don’t invest in recruiting courses or materials that will build you up and raise your personal development quotient.
So, let’s assume you’re doing around 5%, okay? That means for everyone you gave your presentation DVD only 5% of them gets to watch your presentation.


Breakdown Down Your Numbers at The Rate of 5% Conversion Rate

I love to apply mathematical equations to my money making strategies. I hated mathematics while in high school and college but I’ve discovered that one can actually apply simple mathematics to get fantastic results. Now, let’s say that for every 10 people you talk to you get one to watch your presentation, how many people would you need to talk to for you to get 20 people to watch the presentation? 200 right?
Therefore, to get 20 people to watch your presentation, assuming only 1 person watches it out of every 10 persons then; you’re going to have to prospect 200 people.
Now, let’s break that down further. What does that look like? Let’s see. 5 people a day would be a 150 per month. 10 people a day would be 300 people per month. If you’re prospecting five people a day and you only get one out of 10 to watch your video, to check out a presentation.
At only 5%, not an impressive closure though, but I’ve discovered that new people in network marketing are people that disregard financial education and personal self development; they don’t invest in their education, that’s why they usually have 5% results.
In network marketing you earn your real worth. If you don’t develop yourself you may never move beyond 5%. If only 5% of 20 people you prospect watch your video is that really a great result? It doesn’t sound that great, does it? How many people can you really sign up if only 5% of those you prospect gets to view your presentation?

How To Get Higher Recruiting Conversion Rates?

Jim Rohn who’s regarded as the father of network marketing often says that “success in network marketing is a numbers game”, and he is right!
If success is a numbers game, then this means that you can improve your conversions and joining percentages. Everything is a numbers game actually.
Ray Higdon says that “if you can improve your conversions, if you can improve your ability to speak, if you can improve your ability to communicate with other people, your ability to persuade, your ability to influence. If you improve most of the above skills, you get to work less.”
All it really takes to radically improve your results is to engage yourself in reading some relevant materials. If you can discipline yourself and do a little bit of studying, you should be able to easily get to 10% or even higher percentages.
If you really want some serious results, then you must invest heavily in your education. The work ethic involved in network marketing especially at the early stages is comparable to every other field of endeavour. Your results will improve tremendously up to 30% if you have an accountability coach, or a mentor and with constant practice. The whole idea is to look at your new MLM business as though you invested over a million bucks into. Because if you treat it as a business it will pay you as a business, if you treat it as a hobby, it will pay you as a hobby.
Now, it’s important for you to understand that nearly all great closers in network marketing has an average result of 25 – 30%, so give yourself a break. If you’re currently at 5 or 10% don’t give up because no one has a one hundred percentage closure.  I would say the best of the best close about 30% and this includes the greatest hands in network marketing such as Randy Gage, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Jessica Higdon, Matt Morris, Sarah Robinson to mention but a few.
Hopefully that helps you out! Feel Free to share this with a teammate.

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