Shall we settle this issue of sustainability once and for all?
Recently, I shared with a friend this wonderful and liberating business opportunity, he was visibly excited and even willing to get involved right away. But, his challenge as he puts it was that “MLM is not sustainable”. In his own words; ‘investing $100 and losing it will not really hurt me compared to other MLM companies huge start ups, but my biggest issue and doubts is that the biz is not sustainable, at the end people start dropping off.’ At that moment I almost shouted my mind out loud, WHO TOLD YOU? Thank heavens my defensive mind didn’t let it off.
So let’s deal with this objection called ‘sustainability’ once and for all.
Who told you MLM is not sustainable? As a Mechanical and Solar Engineer, I was trained to ensure every project is designed for optimal performance over a long period that makes economic sense.  Likewise, nobody goes into any business with the goal of not sustaining it.
Coming to the subject matter (MLM); if It was not designed to be sustainable, how come it has lasted for over 60 years? In fact wiki disputes that it existed in the 1920s, 1930s (Nutrilite, Avon products).
Regarding sustainability, every project or business has a “system” that’s designed for sustenance. However, it’s sustainability hinges on a diligent adherence of the entire system to a zero degree of error margin. I hope you can see where I’m going with this?
Now, the reason many people think our fun business is not sustainable is because some of us and ‘them haters’ do not know or stay committed to the proven sustainable system (what we term in the business as re-inventing the wheel or taking short cuts).
Nonetheless, we have a system designed for not just success but also sustainability: which I refer to as “Maintained Success”.
If you’ve read this post to this point you’ve already won my respect and admiration. I shall without much ado reveal what this system is and how it can serve you.
The secret to sustainability in this venture is simply DUPLICATION. Duplication is the only sane way you can remain sustainable in this business. It’s just the Simple, Bloody, Bitter truth. Learn it, stick to it and diligently follow it. C’est finis! For more on this you can read my post: Can Network Marketing Make You Rich? .
So tell me, why won’t anyone choose this simple and sustainable system over a traditional/conventional business?
In a traditional business, to begin and remain sustainable, you must make heavy investments and acquisitions (which are subject to depreciation and vandalism), have daily/weekly/monthly/annual (product reorder, bills, salary, rent etc) overhead costs amidst other recurrent expenditures.
On the other hand, in an MLM driven business like ours, it requires only a one time little capital investment, training and diligent adherence to the proven DUPLICABLE system. So, which option would you rather go for? Think about your answer for a moment.
When next your friends tell you your business isn’t sustainable, ask them, “which sustainable business option will they rather opt for? – A business with little capital investment, training structure and proven duplicable system of over 60 years or a business with huge capital investment, overhead cost, recurrent expenditure, unnecessary stress and so forth?

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