How would you like to prospect and build a great network marketing business using some of the skills Jesus applied in building His ministry here on earth?
Jesus Christ was an enigma when he was here on earth.  Based on his lifestyle and peculiar way of handling seemingly hard situations, Doug Firebaugh considered Him as the perfect role model for network marketers; because according to Doug, If you look at anything and everything we do in our business today, you’ll find a perfect blueprint for it in the Holy Scriptures.
Below are 10 Skills I learned from reading the Bible that has worked not just for me, but also for my team members:


1- Global Prospects

Christ says, “The harvest is ready, open your eyes. It’s out there everywhere you look, but the workers are few.”
The internet has connected every community and cultures all around the world. Today we can communicate and transact businesses all around the world! We can connect with people across the street as well as all over the globe. What that means to us is, open your eyes, prospects are everywhere. All you need to do is show up, reach out, and follow up; that’s all there is to it really.

2- Don’t Convince—Just Connect

Jesus Christ was very brief, He didn’t try to convince anyone, he simply looked for the right persons to connect with. He said, “Follow me” We spend so much time trying to convince people. But he said, “Those who have ears will listen.” What you need to do is to simply share the good news to enough people and those that are interested will connect with you.
I must also stress at this point that, this business is not for everybody; the right people are going to show up. If this is right for you, great; if not, you won’t be able to hear it. “My Sheep Hears my voice”


3- Pictures Tell, Stories Sell

Human beings are hardwired to respond at an emotional level to pictures and stories. Jesus’ presentations were always in parables. Every Leader in the network marketing profession communicates more through stories and pictures. In fact Eric Worre advises that “if your mouth is moving then, it’s either you are telling stories or you’re pointing someone to a material. The most powerful way to recruit is to paint an intriguing picture and relate it to your listener’s future, that’s was Jesus’s Modus Operandi. Can you craft a powerful story around your life, everyone has a story, and the world is waiting to hear yours. I have my own story and it never ceases to amaze my listeners. Click here to read my story


4- Close without Bias

Christ was a master at closing. He never begged people. He knew how precious His message was, so He wasn’t bothered whether they welcomed His message or not; He said “Look, either you are for or against me,”.  You’re in or you’re out. After preaching an unusual message and losing nearly all his disciples, He asked His Apostles “Aren’t you leaving too?” He wasn’t biased; He was willing to deliver His message regardless of the consequences.
He never said, “Please, please, please!” It was, “Do what you feel led to do.” Pure and Simple. Are You buying or Not?


5- Practice Duplication

Jesus said, “I do only what I see my father do.” In John 12:29 He said “For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak”. That’s total duplication—and talk about the ultimate sponsor! In fact, Christ didn’t just practice duplication, he practiced multiplication. Everything Jesus ever did, every single word He ever spoke came from His Father. Likewise, every newbie in the MLM profession, ought to speak and do only those words and actions that have been taught through the sponsorship line. I know you’re very smart and you feel the scripts are archaic and obsolete, just remember it’s not always about what works but, what can be duplicated. In network marketing, duplication makes money.


6- Use Social Proof

Christ sent his disciples out two by two. Mark 6:7 “And He called unto Him the twelve and began to send them forth by two and two….  If I tell you something, it may be a hoax or false alarm, because you heard it only from me. However, if I have my partner on the line with me and we both tell you the same exact thing then, it has more credibility, because it’s the word of two people. “…In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”
A Nigerian proverb says “Two good heads are better than one”


7- Keep Moving—Next!

One of our favorite phrases in network marketing is “Some will, some won’t, So What? Next Please!!!”
That was what Christ modeled: if a town is not in accord with your message, shake off the dust and keep moving. In Matt 10:14 “And whosever shall not receive you nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet” “Next!”
Don’t whine or cry over negative people, just move on to the next person. It is said that someone somewhere and some place is looking for the exact thing you have to offer.


8- Connect With Lots of People

Our business is built belly to belly. Christ was a social creature. He understood that success was a numbers game. He had a solid grasp of the power in numbers, and how to use that power. He was always spotted in the open arena and market places among thick crowd of people. He spent his time out in the crowd. His congregations were very unusual and diverse.  He was always drawing crowds and connecting with people. He modeled the understanding that you never know who your next superstar is going to be.


9- Never Pre-Judge Anyone

The Pharisees and Sadducees accused Jesus of befriending tax collectors and sinners, how wrong they were! However, Jesus never pre-judged anyone. He was of the opinion that only the sick needs a Doctor. We in the same manner have been sent to the financially sick and downtrodden of the world. They are waiting for you to bring to them your exceptional MLM business.  In Jesus’ company were uneducated fishermen, prostitutes, Princes as well as several people that He cured from diverse diseases.
Who’d have thought that one of his top leaders would be someone who’d denied him three times? Or a tax-collector, one who was known for his less than ethical ways? Or two uneducated fishermen? And they became great recruiters. Never ever pre-judge anyone, not even the man on rags.


10- He Taught Them Regularly

The New Testament is filled with several descriptions of where and how Jesus taught His disciples. The ministry of Jesus was full of teachings: In Matt 24 He took his disciples to the Mount of Olives and taught them. In Matt 6:9 Jesus taught them how to pray; “In this manner therefore pray”.
Sustained success in network marketing profession rises and falls on the back of mentorship. Jesus was a mentor like no other, He taught them both in secret and in the open. How often do you train your team? Lack of training equals lack of duplication; and where there is no duplication your business dies.
I love Jesus and my life’s purpose is strongly anchored in my Christian faith. In building my business and ministry, I always ask myself, “What would Christ do?” and “How would Jesus respond?” Learn to ask the right questions.
The network marketing business is a journey most people are not prepared to undertake, but it carries within it one of the most fulfilling fruits the world has ever known.
Meanwhile, we respect other wisdom traditions and are not here to be fanatics. Our message is simply this: we’re modeling Christ in a way everybody can relate to and grow from, whether they are Christian or not. Read and practice these 10 skills from the Bible and watch your business explode!

(This Post was adapted from a blog post by Doug Firebaugh, titled  Jesus, The Original Networker—9 Business Lessons from the Bible  1st Sept 2016 issue of Networking Times)

Sam Ozoani

Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.

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