Multilevel marketing profession is notably one of the professions with the highest attrition rate (over 65%). “According to Mark Yarnell the author of the bestselling book ‘Your first Year in Network Marketing’ over ninety percent of network marketing reps will quit in their first year.”

People quit in life, business, career because they reach their breaking point.
The breaking point is a point where you can no longer take it anymore. Some may refer it as the elastic limit, its the limit where your capacity can't handle the stress, stretch and strain of life challenges, then you quit.
A lot of people reach their breaking point because they don't know how to avoid reaching there; they don't even know how they got there. In this business, I am going to quickly show you the breaking points and also show you the ways to avoid getting there.

I have also seen how so many people quit the business of a lifetime because they don't know how to avoid reaching the breaking point. If some people were shown what they would have become in this business in 5 years if they hadn't quit, they might be tempted to commit suicide, especially when the harsh realities of life still stare them in the face and the consequence of financial slavery become more evident in their day to day lives. Consequences like not being able to give your kids/wards the best that life has to offer, not being able to afford a medical bill and someone you love is about to die, consequences of not been able to marry the lady of your choice because you lack the required financial status to even approach her nor the man of your choice because your financial status could not put you in a place where those kind of men will locate you. Consequences of living a life devoid of colour and tainted with lack, frustration, suffering and "untidiness" due to lack of funds to step into who you really are. It can be summed up in four words. " Life of quiet desperation" waiting and wishing for that knight in shining armour and/or that Godfather that will wave a magic wand to rescue your wearing soul... surprisingly, those guardian angels never seem to show up while the clock is constantly ticking against us. It's one Life to live. Every day passed is gone into eternity.


Some of us here have reached the breaking point; this article may not help you but for those that are approaching their breaking point; this piece might save your soul and launch you back to the main stream of this business where you can eventually Live Your Dreams.

The breaking point of this business can be likened to bankruptcy. In the beginning, you signed up because you saw a vision, you saw possibilities and you came with 100% zeal, enthusiasm, fortitude and exuberance... ready to dare, not afraid to prospect anybody, so convinced that this is the best business opportunity in the world. So what happened that you are now so scared to prospect, tired of convincing people, no more vibes, excitement, zeal and exuberance. The answer is simple; you may have reached the breaking point or you are almost getting there. You don't get to the breaking point in one day, it's a gradual process of depleting your deposit of zeal, excitement and enthusiasm until you become bankrupt, then when push comes to shove, you want to rise like Samson in the bible and you discover that you have insufficient balance in your zeal account and your excitement deposit is also gone... then you fall back and quit.


There are two things that lead to withdrawals from those accounts. They are like little foxes that spoil the vine, if not checked become cancers that eat up your deposit. The first one is "negative words" either from prospects, friends or even strangers. Beware of negative words and please protect yourself and your heart from them. From the first “NO” you get, and you allowed it to fester thus, depleting our account. The next one does same until just one more negative word and you are totally out of the most beautiful business on earth. When you interview great people that have quit this business, you can trace it to just one negative word, one rejection, and one negative experience. It's been building up. How do I avoid this? Know that every negative word is like an agent sent from the pit of hell to thwart you from your destiny. The pundits can't be wrong, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Les Brown and Bill Clinton can't all be wrong.

Network Marketing is the business of the 21st century and the next wave of millionaires will emerge from it. So I won't allow anybody talk me out of it so that I will regret when i see the boom in the industry in the nearest future. Fight for your future by safeguarding your heart from negative experiences and negative words. Don't just take it gently, whatever you can do to safe guard your heart, even if it means totally avoiding that friend or prospect, please do so because you must first of all be in the business before sustaining it.
A lot of us take it calmly because you don't want to miss the prospect Right? Because you think the prospect might still change their mind and join your organization. However, beware that some of those prospects are agents of doom sent to deplete your deposits and lead you gradually to the breaking point so you might not even be in the business long enough to convince that prospect and guess what, years later, many of us will see the same people who talked us out of this business succeeding in the same business, their negative utterance pushed us out of. Life is survival of the fittest; don’t be deceived. For so many people that have quit this business, they were just one prospecting away from signing that downline that would have given them the needed boost, like the person that would have signed me quit about a month before I got signed up and if she had prospected me, I would have signed up under her. She doesn't have an idea of what she lost. The same way most people that have quit the business wouldn't know. My advice; Fight Negative words and experience with everything in you because those are the things that lead you to your breaking point. They might even come from your friends, family and loved ones ignorantly but the same way Jesus rebuked Peter when he advised him not to go to the cross and die, you must rebuke the negative words. Imagine if Jesus started contemplating Peter's advice. Christianity may not be here. Selah.

The second thing is our attitude; a lot of us think we are doing our Sponsors a favour by doing the business or succeeding in it. Truth is; that mentality damages the person that has it, because after all is said and done, you are not the only one your Sponsors has and your Sponsors does not sit down without prospecting waiting for you to wake up and become successful, beside the leadership qualifications of this business makes it possible not to earn from your downline if you are just depending on him/her. My advice is; Plan your financial future and execute it, with or without support from your Sponsors. Take charge of your destiny and prove to your Sponsors and to the world that you can make it without them.

My wish for you and your team is that you see enough wisdom in this article that will eventually help someone avoid reaching their breaking point.
5 years from today, you will look back at all those challenges and “NOs” that would have made you quit and discover it only made you stronger. You will also realize that you don't win a medal by quitting; no body congratulates you because you quit. You may get a little relief temporarily but the pains of regrets far outweigh the pains of discipline.

Stand up! Pick up yourself and start prospecting again and slowly you will realize you shouldn't have even slowed down in the first place.
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Sam Ozoani

Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.

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