If you have been fairly consistent in building  your multilevel marketing business, I’m pretty sure you must’ve witnessed “a ship jump”; a situation where your sponsor or downline switches to another Mlm Company.

It is often very disheartening to see a fellow team member jump ship; it feels even worse when the person in question was one of the very reasons you decided to join your current company.

So the question is why do people switch MLM Companies?

Jim Rohn says “Don’t sign up for that Class”. People who jump ship often cite some network marketing leaders such as: Eric Worre and Randy Gage as there excuse for switching companies. “ Mr Gage and Worre switched companies at different times in their career therefore nothing is really wrong with trying out other opportunities when you feel your current vehicle isn’t delivering on its promises.
Please let me state categorically that I do not have any issues with people moving over to other mlm companies. Network marketing is an independent business therefore, whatever decision you take so long as it doesn’t contravene your company’s policies, that’s totally fine by me.

Where I have issues with folks is when they try to poach other Reps by convincing them with mouth-watering incentives in order to pull them along with them.


What You Must Know

Every seasoned network marketer understands that Multilevel marketing is the business of the 21st Century therefore, you can never lose out if you invest enough time and patience into it.

Network Marketing just like every profession with low entry and tremendous future prospects, attracts two different kinds of people:
The Chaffs and the Drivers. These two people are very different in their approach to evaluating challenges and proffering solutions.

The chaffs are usually tossed about by the slightest "wind of change" or doctrine. They are always looking for the easier route, the next hottest deals and gigs. They are very good at coming up with good reasons why something doesn’t work or justifying their decisions for leaving a particular company.
The drivers on the other hand understand that every good investment takes at least 5 years in order to stand firm and start yielding results. The chaffs do not have the mental stamina to work their business for a minimum of 5 years. No they don’t! They’d rather stop and start all over again with a newer project or in the case of network marketing a new company which promises low key entry, early starter advantages and so forth.

I witnessed A Ship Jump

Recently, some of the leaders I truly respect in my primary business cross-carpeted into another mlm company. They were not just any kind of leader; they were people I really longed to be like during my early days in my current company. They were the guys that made the most money, closed down more prospects, drove nice cars and won some fantastic vacations in exotic islands. What was their reason for switching to another company? Simply put, they couldn’t recruit more people into their teams therefore; they decided to try out the pastures at the other end of the field where the grasses looked greener.
Even a two-day old rep understands that recruiting and sponsoring is the crux of network marketing. Notice I mentioned recruiting and sponsoring. Sponsoring is like parenting; you have to protect your new reps like a father and nurture them like a mother. Anytime you fail to do this you are simply giving birth to an orphan and no one like to be an orphan.
Let me also point out here that “There is a big difference between sponsoring someone and just “signing them up”. When you SPONSOR someone, you are making a PLEDGE to them, it’s a solemn OBLIGATION. If you are not willing to make that commitment, then you are doing them a damage by signing them up in the first place. At this point, all you need do is to be WILLING to help them to build a business of their own. You mustn’t do it for them, but you must be willing to guide and direct them.
And so I asked myself  "what's the fate of the new reps who just got signed up?" How will they feel when they are told that those who brought them into the company are throwing things overboard in readiness to jump ship?

It was like a shockwave when we eventually confirmed their exit from our current company. Finally it dawned on me that no matter how fast you seem to rise on your ladder of success if your ladder is leaning on the wrong wall; you’ve simply wasted all your effort. Though you might’ve enjoyed some level of results and success, it’ll in the long run, come crashing in on you. Mark Yarnell says that “professional network marketers do only two things: Recruiting and Retailing”.
So anytime you find yourself doing something else, you are simply an amateur and we know that only professionals make money in any profession.

 3 Steps to Protect Your Team When Your Sponsor Switch to Another Company 



You must keep educating your team even after they’ve joined you and purchased the entry packs. Sometimes, the key targets are the top performers. Therefore ensure your entire team goes through videos, register for trainings and webinars (there are lots of free webinars with tons of value) on a regular basis. Education does two things: firstly, it will significantly increase the productivity of your team through duplication and secondly, it will keep them from falling apart during hard times (Oh Yesss!! challenging times will come)."

Do It Yourself (Themselves)

Inculcate confidence in them by allowing them carryout tasks by themselves. If they make mistakes correct them, show them what they could’ve done differently and allow them to try again. In no time they too will become superstars. If you fail to allow your team learn and make mistakes as they grow, you will end up becoming the “Go to Guy”. You will burn out eventually and you will be left with a team of weaklings who can’t do anything except the superstar team lead is available.

Mistakes Are Welcome

There are no such things as perfect timings or perfectly executed tasks, at least not in network marketing profession. Network marketing is a profession that pays you for making mistakes. I’d rather have my team mates fail regularly while trying out a task, than have a team of people that are afraid of making mistakes.
You must encourage your team to enjoy making mistakes. Let them go for “NOs”. If they keep going for NOs eventually the yeses will start coming.



So long as the earth remainth and Network marketing remains the most beautiful business on earth, people (chaffs) will continue to cross-carpet from one company to the other. Chaffs are blown around by the wind so they never stick around for long. That’s why chaffs don’t make money in network marketing. They might by some stroke of chance, but they never get to that point where they can walk away and money keeps dropping (Residual incessant income).

You may not keep your newly sponsored reps from being blown away by poachers and cross-carpeters; however, you can give them enough education to enable them make informed choices so that tomorrow when you’ve become exceedingly successful, they won’t accuse you of not being hard on them and insisting that they remained with you.

Switching companies is not  the cure to stagnancy in network marketing. All massive action is.

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Sam Ozoani

Sam Ozoani is a digital and social media entrepreneur with special focus on Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses. He is a Business Coach, and founder of samozoani.com He works with smart Network Marketers and Home Business Owners to generate massive online leads using the social media.


Michael Okoro · January 12, 2016 at 4:25 PM

This is a great article. You see I have come to understand the importance of having a vision and belief in all my activities. The book of Mark says if only thou would believe all things shall be added on to you. It is essential to believe in your company. Barely few months into my Forever MLM enterprise I have been approached by other MLM companies. However I have also been approached by several individuals who previously left Forever living for other MLM companies and now wanting to come back in, practically begging to join my team and pleading with my team members not to ever make their mistake of jumping ship. They regret abandoning their 7 years in Forever living for other MLM companies

    Sam Ozoani · January 12, 2016 at 5:34 PM

    Hello Michael,

    You’re absolutely correct. To be successful in Network marketing, you must be willing to give it ample time (2-4 years). A successful farmer understands that a bumper harvest requires high yielding seeds, fertile soil, conducive weather and most importantly TIME. Likewise network marketing. You must make out time to learn the requisite skills. When you give it time it always yields mind blowing results.

Your upline · January 13, 2016 at 1:20 AM

Fantastic write-up! In MLM if your why is very strong you will always see reason NOT TO QUIT even when challenges abound! This is just one of the scatter BOMBS and since you recognised it it’s not gonna blow in your face. All the best. See you at the TOP!

    Sam Ozoani · January 13, 2016 at 10:11 AM

    Hi Ma’am,
    You’ve said it all. If your ‘WHY’ is strong, you’re Unstoppable. Thanks for stopping by

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