IMG_20151004_155222MY AWESOME STORY

Hey there!  So you may be wondering who in the world is Sam Ozoani  … and what is this dude all about?
Maybe you’re wondering…..”Can I trust him?”….”and does he even KNOW what he’s talking about when it comes to online marketing?” And being successful in a Network Marketing company?
If any of the above questions have crossed your mind, then the reason might be because you’re either an internet marketer like myself, or you’re looking for a way out of your BORING JOB and want a new and exciting way you can earn income working from home too!…
Don’t get me wrong some people totally love their jobs and are happy with their take home pay. However, if you do love your job but doesn’t pay you enough…. or maybe it’s a job that pays great but you HATE It!  (some of my friends are fairly comfortable, they love their pay, but either dislike what they do….or are sick of the bureaucracy and corporate structure they have to deal with on daily basis).

Testing The Waters…

My first experience in Network marketing was in my 2nd year at the University of Ibadan. I had no idea what i got started. I was just excited by the promises and prospects of Network marketing and the big cash and international travels I would start enjoying in a few months down the line.
Anyways, 12 months down the line, I had recruited no one and earned no commissions...I was devastated. Even my friends wouldn't listen to me
I really do not blame them, I was just running my engine on excitement and passion alone. 12 months later, I got myself into another deal and I guess you already know the end result (I sponsored no one, retailed no products and as a result a few months later I Quit).

Life After College

I went back to school after my first degree and within 20 months I received a Masters degree. I was very happy because I knew I had an edge at the Job Market. It didn't quite play out so, because I got my first job 8 months later. My pay was quite low but I had a fantastic boss who gave me tremendous opportunities to quickly build-up my skill sets and experience. Life was very hard, and I learned quickly to live within my means.

Enter 2014

On the 8th of January I had a terrible accident that nearly took my life, the car was completely wrecked and as funny as this might sound. I was bothered more by the wreckage than my life that God spared by His infinite power. My fears were confirmed when I got to the office and I was told to pay 75% for the car's repair.
"Here I am not having enough to eat and now this". In February, I got a new Job with a slightly better pay package than the former. In the month of April I attended a business meeting that completely blew my mind and In May I decided to try it out.

One of the Worst Days

Exactly 12 months after I got my job, the entire staff was laid off because the once thriving Organization has suddenly become redundant. I was totally crushed.... Now I had no job and my business was barely a toddler. My rent was due and since I couldn't pay up I was Kicked out. I had no place to put my head. A friend helped me get an uncompleted house (unpainted house without power & water). I was grateful to God because it was far safer than living on the streets.
I quickly ran through my little savings….
I made a decision to fight my way through and survive, no I would THRIVE & CONQUER, I knew God was on my side. Therefore, I made a decision to find out how to make money online and never have to suffer like that again…… I was Never Gonna be a VICTIM Ever Again. I made a decsion to OWN MY LIFE. and that was the beginning of a new era for me. I knew all I needed was to find people that have  what I wanted  and simply model after them…and that was exactly what I did.


I searched long and hard for a business that could give me what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, I always came up empty, and believe me my hands have been burnt several times.
Then, I was exposed to a lifestyle training. I was willing to look at almost anything. So, I took a big look. I researched and attended private business receptions. I couldn’t believe what I discovered. I was blown away by the freedom and lifestyle that people enjoyed in this industry. I remember saying, “If this is real, I am going to do this and failure is not an option!” So I began a quest to search for the very best network marketing company I could find.
I am now implementing everything I’ve learned about direct sales and digital marketing in my Home Business.  I don’t have home parties, unless I want to and I sincerely don’t see reasons to engage in that!
I have learned how to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, & Video Marketing, to do most of my business! These platforms have turned my Home business into a global business. I absolutely enjoy what I do. I can effectively run my business without stepping out of my bedroom.
I don’t claim to know it all, but I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and have surrounded myself with some of the best minds in the network marketing industry that have helped me, and I can pass this knowledge on to you.  And help you avoid a lot of the costly mistakes I made when I first got started online, and was new to direct sales … I now lead a young and growing team that are scattered all over Africa, Europe & USA!
The rest is history. My dreams are finally coming true, and I owe all my success and good fortune to my God who opened  my eyes to this incredible home-based business.
Connect with Me, I will be there to assist and Coach you every step all the way. Although my standards are quite high, but I'm willing to offer myself as a coach and mentor to assist you in growing your business.
So I’m confident I can help you in your current situation!
So what are you waiting for? Feel free to Contact me with any questions you may have.
I wish you all the success you deserve!

Let me ask you friend, Do You Own Your Life?

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~Sam Ozoani ~